Concours d’Elegance Sydney 2017

Australia Day is the perfect time to get together with mates and celebrate everything Australian, so what better day for Supercar d’Elegance to bring together like-minded automotive enthusiasts in celebrating everything about automotive prestige at Concours d’Elegance 2017. Set at Darling Island Wharf in Pyrmont, the Australia Day celebration featured a host of pristine machines harking back through history to the birth of the automobile. It was all there, from 100 year old Fords and Mercedes-Benzes, to classic Ferraris, Porsches, and the latest McLarens and Lamborghinis. I must say I’m particularly partial to classic cars, but I have never seen a more thorough, nor appropriate, snapshot of automotive history (bar perhaps in a museum). Seeing the product of hours of work and dedication to keep these machines in factory – or in some cases better than factory – condition makes me all the more appreciative and respectful of the owners, their cars and the stories they shared.