Dem Trinker kommt der Durst

I like to believe I’m on the minimalist side of life moreso than the opposite. Social media has been a great tool for the last decade or so, but I’m hearing of more people who have ditched them all and haven’t looked back. While I’ve thought about doing the same, there is one thing preventing me from going cold turkey: social media continues to allow me to discover good information and great events that I wouldn’t have access to without it. Take Autohaus Hamilton, for example, who I’ve heard about in passing before but never really had a chance to be involved with. They recently held a small gathering for Porsche owners (and prospective ones) on a cold Sydney morning on the northern outskirts of the city. It appeared randomly on my social media feed a few weeks prior, and it was difficult to say no despite the early morning start, as I only had a 30 minute drive following one arterial road from my place to this one. Things don’t get much easier than this.


I was flooded with good memories when I arrived and heard nothing but a soft medley of air- and watercooled engines after almost a year since I last did so. No revving engines, loud music or obnoxiousness. Just cool cars, warm coffee and the smell of unburnt fuel in the air. I’m starting to sound like a Porsche guy already.