My First Period Correct Pitstop

This is what I like to see. All makes, all models and no petty rivalries. Period Correct Pitstop heralds this sentiment with a monthly gathering to give the opportunity for classic car guys and girls to appreciate this genre of the culture at the atelier in Costa Mesa on the fringes of Los Angeles. After seeing photos of each event in envy on my social media feeds I had to make it my first stop in SoCal following an orgasm-inducing weekend at Porsche Rennsport Reunion VI in NorCal. While the Porsches were still plentiful, there were BMWs, Ferraris and even Hondas in attendance, and each one was presented perfectly in its own way. There were even cars that I couldn’t name – you know that’s when you’ve found a pretty cool thing. Keep doing what you’re doing, Period Correct.


Period Correct Pitstop happens on the first Saturday of each month at: 2950 Randolph Avenue (Unit A) Costa Mesa, California 92626.