Retrospective: Where Has Time Gone?

We’re only days shy of the halfway point of the year, yet it only seems like yesterday when the world was excitedly welcoming the start of a fresh new decade. Since then it feels like so much has changed yet at the same time, so little. It’s difficult to ignore the reality of the world’s current condition, but – without trying to sound patronising – a positive byproduct of this short pause was the chance for some to stop and reflect on how things were, and think about how things will move forward.


For me, photography has been as big a part of my life as motorsport has, and they’ve gone hand-in-hand ever since my first race meeting (I think the year was 2004). Granted, the camera I used back then was functionally not much more than a disposable film camera, but it sparked a simple joy in the act of documenting what I saw; a habit that has continued to today. I’m sure I’ve still got the negatives from my first race somewhere, but I’ll leave them for another occasion.


With recent announcements that, along with other motorsport series around the world, the Virgin Australia Supercars Championship will be restarting – albeit in its most barebones form – I thought it would be fitting to share a few of my photos from the past few years as a retrospective before we get back in to a groove of some normality.