Supercars Test Day 2018

I love test days. Especially when I can take a few hours away from my 9-to-5 to drive 15 minutes down the road and check it out. I’ve been to all of the Supercars Test Days in Sydney since the inaugural event in 2011, but this one was a little more special than before: it was the first time the public could get a glimpse of the ZB Commodore (really an Opel Insignia) in action. For me the ZB marks the first of many changes slated to change the Australian automotive landscape. Don’t get me wrong; I’m a traditionalist when it comes to Australian motorsport, but it’s interesting nonetheless to see we’re no longer bound by, dare I say, the somewhat American influence in motoring culture and are now moving to an increasingly European-focussed one. Will we be seeing a repeat of 1985 with the demise of Group C in favour of Group A touring cars? Only time will tell.