Skylines, Sports Cars and Surprises

It’s not often that I’ll be in such overwhelm at an automotive-related event that I don’t know where to look (or point my camera). Gazing through the sea of people and cars of course there’s always the regulars: the Civics, the Skylines, the Golfs, the 911s and the like. But then there’s the one or two (or in this case, many) that make you double-take, and you’ll catch the feeling of excitement rising up inside you. I’m sure any car fanatic will be able to tell you when, where and with what they’ve felt that feeling before. It’s a simple pleasure, but I’m not ashamed of it.


I don’t tend to approach a meet or race day holding any expectation, because I know how life becomes with that mindset, but so far Autobrunch hosted by North Shore Sporting Car Club and Collecting Cars has made me do just that. So it may be paradoxical then, to say that the expectation of surprise is the reason why I’ll be venturing out to each and every one for the forseeable future.