The Early Bird Gets the Worm

When I was younger I was quite the magazine afficionado – a purist, if you will. But over the years the publications I loved have given way to the internet, and try as hard as it may, print publishing has traversed a very patchy road in an effort to get back to a place which we may never see again. Duck & Whale is one which was born from the ashes of those that were pushed off the newsagency stands and they recently held a quick cars and coffee-esque gathering at a quiet beachfront park on Sydney’s north shore.


What I love about heading out to a Porsche meet is that you never know what you’re going to get. The brand’s heritage yet relative commonality means that you can almost always expect to see something new each time. And while Porsche is considered much more conservative compared to the next sports car manufacturer, in my opinion it provides the perfect platform to customise it to your own tastes. Even if you wanted to keep your car more “factory”, the range of model types and breadth of OEM options means you will be hard-pressed to ever accidentally park next to another identical to your own.


It followed naturally, then, that I didn’t spot two of the same spec car despite the healthy attendance. And healthy it was, with at least half of the large carpark full of cars from the German marque at any one time. As someone who likes to pore over every car however, this worked against me because as quickly as they arrived they had left, vacating for those favouring a quiet paddle on their kayak instead of a raspy exhaust note on an early Sunday morning.